Tom Tancredo has been invaluable.
— Walker Stapleton

In Colorado we have to do our part by saying *No* to Tom Tancredo.

Please share this video to hold him accountable for his words and actions. They speak for themselves.



Tom Tancredo’s disdain for immigrants and shirking of the facts

"Facebook posts of former Congressman and Breitbart contributor Tom Tancredo paint a picture of the politician in the mold of President Donald Trump, promoting fake news and conspiracy theories, nationalism, and contempt for Muslims and immigrant communities..."


Tom Tancredo Celebrates Donald Trump

"Here in Colorado, Trump’s anti-immigrant diatribes have won him a big fan in former CD-6 Congressman Tom Tancredo. Even after being out of Congress for eight years, Tancredo remains one of the most nationally prominent immigration firebrands on the right..."


Tom Tancredo To Tea Party Rally: “Send Obama Back To Kenya”

"Former Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo added to his impressive history of inflammatory statements over the weekend, telling a Tea Party rally in South Carolina that they should send President Obama 'back to Kenya....'"


 the white-nationalist apologist running for Colorado governor 

"Tancredo has a long history of racist and bigoted behavior, and since he left Congress, he has embedded himself in far-right media as a columnist for and has associated himself with the white nationalist website VDare..."


Tom Tancredo’s whole career has been about championing white nationalism, vilifying immigrants, and pandering to extremists like Steve Bannon.

We have to fight every day for an inclusive Colorado where everyone is equal and everyone can succeed.

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